our team

Sanctuary is blessed with an abundance of skilled and passionate members.

Our leadership team is filled with individuals who have a true calling of God on their lives, and conduct their areas of ministry in a biblical and anointed way.

  • Pastor Kenneth O'Connell

    Pastor Kenneth O'Connell was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Arkansas. He and his wife, Erica, are proud parents to Asher and Nora.

    He has worked with churches here in Arkansas, as well as with Arkansas Youth, a ministry of the United Pentecostal Church. He also served as the State Director of Hyphen; a ministry geared to young adults from around the state.

    While ministering in NEA the O'Connells began to feel led to plant a brand new church in Jonesboro. From the very beginning they had a vision that it would become known as a place of shelter and refuge, thus the name Sanctuary Church.

  • Sunday School director Tim Collums

    Tim and his wife Pam have attended Sanctuary since 2012. He takes care of general administration of the Sunday School department and events such as our children's revivals. He, along with the teachers at SC, work hard to make Sunday School a safe and fun environment for kids to grow in God's love. He is passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God and training up the next generation to be world changers.

    Tim and Pam are also over scheduling events for the family and married ministries. They hope to make every couple understand the value of having a great marriage and recognize the importance of investing time in their children and grandchildren.

    On top of their other duties, Tim is Sanctuary's main drummer, and Pam is a Sunday School teacher and praise singer. They have been married for about 30 years and have two kids, a daughter and son-in-law, and 4 grandchildren, whom they love dearly. They live in Jonesboro.

  • Student Pastor Clinton Curtis

    Clinton's history at Sanctuary dates all the way back to 2012. His wife, Lauren Curtis, and him always try to have their eyes open for ways to help serve the church whether it be fundraising, organizing youth events, praying with students, or teaching Bible studies. They are always using their time and talents to do something for God and for the people of Sanctuary Church. Clinton has a passion for helping students find their purpose and place of service in the Church, and to help them become apostolic in belief and in action.

    Clinton is also a musician as part of the Sanctuary Praise Team, and Lauren is a Sunday School teacher. They have been married since March 2016. They live in Hoxie, AR and are both faculty members at the Hoxie School District.

  • hyphen Director Terry Snow

    For over 6 years, Terry and Maribeth Snow have been faithful members of Sanctuary Church. As part of his role as Hyphen Director, Terry helps promote growth, unity, and keep Hyphen organized. His goal is to help make college students and young people beginning their careers live for God while they are experiencing their new liberties away from home, starting their new lives. Ultimately he wants to help make Sanctuary Church (and its Hyphen group) a place for people to come and be a part of the grace of God.

    Terry is also an organist, and his wife Maribeth is a praise singer and manages the church's social media accounts. They have been married for around 25 years and have 2 sons. They are based out of Jonesboro.

  • Assistant Hyphen director Drew Hancock

    Drew and his wife Savannah have attended Sanctuary for over 3 years. As assistant Hyphen director, Drew is responsible for organizing events and managing Hyphen's online presence. Drew and Savannah have a passion for keeping young adults supported and connected to the church throughout the most wavering time of their lives.

    Drew is also Media Team Lead at SC. At Arkansas State University they are the co-coordinators for the campus ministry group Apostolic Student Organization (ASO). Drew is a media producer and Savannah is a social work student, both based out of Jonesboro, AR.